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Representative example: Borrow £800 for 12 months. Monthly Repayment £132.16. Total Amount Repayable of £1,585.87. Interest: £785.87. Interest Rate: 150% Pa(Fixed). 279.1% APR Representative.

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Loan Amount:
Loan Term: 3 months
RAPR: 279.1%
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Loans for debt consolidation

Dealing with debt is overwhelming and stressful. Often times, it can feel like trying to dig yourself out from under a mountain with a plastic spoon.

The answer isn’t to dig harder with that plastic spoon. The answer is to find yourself a shovel.

Debt consolidation loans are that shovel. By applying for debt consolidation loans, you’re consolidating all of that back-breaking debt into one easy-to-manage, low interest loan.

Don’t keep making payments on debt that only end up paying off interest charges. Look for debt consolidation loans today, and enjoy financial freedom tomorrow.

What is debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation is the process of combining, or consolidating, all of your various debts into one loan or line of credit with a lower interest rate. Once this is done, you only have one monthly payment to make and one interest rate on all of your debt.

Why should I consolidate my debt?

If you have multiple sources of debt, whether they’re several different loans or multiple credit cards, consolidating all of that debt into one source makes it much easier to manage. This simplified debt can be paid off with just one monthly payment, so you don’t have to keep track of so many due dates.

This also reduces the amount of money you owe each month. Debt consolidation is a great option for people struggling to meet all of their minimum payments.

Finally, when you consolidate your debt, you’re looking for a new lender with a lower interest rate. That means that more of your money is going toward paying off your debt instead of paying interest fees.

What are debt consolidation loans?

Debt consolidation loans are the most common method of debt consolidation. Debt consolidation loans are loans specifically designed to pay off your various debts and consolidate them into one loan. Once your debt is consolidated, you only have to worry about paying off the loan. They typically offer lower interest rates as well.

How do debt consolidation loans work?

When you apply and are accepted for a debt consolidation loan, the lender then pays off your other loans or credit cards. Sometimes they will charge a small percentage fee of the amount transferred, but if the loan has a lower interest rate, this is usually well worth it. All of that debt is then transferred to your new debt consolidation loan.

What are the benefits of consolidation loans?

  • One monthly payment. If you’ve ever struggled with making payments on-time or forgetting to pay one of your bills, debt consolidation loans are a great help. By consolidating all of your debt, you only have to make one monthly payment, which is much easier to manage.
  • Lower monthly payments. Because all of your various debts have monthly minimum payments, they often add up to a hefty amount. If you’re having trouble meeting all of your monthly payments, consolidating your debt into one low almost always results in a lower monthly minimum.
  • Lower interest rates. The best benefit of debt consolidation loans is that they often offer lower interest rates than your credit cards or other loans. By consolidating all of that debt into one loan with a significantly lower interest rate, you’re able to chip away at your debt much faster.
  • Low upfront fees. While most debt consolidation loans do charge a minimal fee, usually a percentage of the debt transferred, the fee is very small. The money you save with lower interest and lower monthly payments almost always outweighs the initial fees paid.
  • Quick and easy application process. By applying for debt consolidation loans through us, we search through our network of lenders to find you the best debt consolidation loans for your needs. Our application takes minutes to complete, and the loan will often be transferred to your bank account within the same day, so you can get started paying off your debt right away.

How do I apply for debt consolidation loans?

The process to apply for debt consolidation loans is simple and painless.

  • You fill out our brief online application form so that we understand your loan needs.
  • We personally match your application with the best debt consolidation loans lenders.
  • If you’re approved, the funds are transferred to you in less than a day.

Apply for debt consolidation loans today, pay off your debt tomorrow. It really is that easy.

Who is eligible for debt consolidation loans?

Eligibility for debt consolidation loans will vary by lender, but most of them will require that you:

  • Are 18 years of age or older.
  • Are a resident or citizen of the UK.
  • Have a bank account.

Do I have to have good credit to apply for debt consolidation loans?

While some lenders will only offer debt consolidation loans to people with a credit score of 600 or more, we work with a wide variety of lenders to find one that fits your needs. Because of our access to a large network of lenders, we are often able to find debt consolidation loans for people with less-than-perfect credit score.